Sunday, July 12, 2009

HM Marilyn Monroe cloth Art Doll~OOAK~SOLD

My Marilyn Monroe doll in progress is now complete! This one of a kind doll is handmade using best quality fabrics. She was made of muslin fabric and painted with a wash of acrylics for good skin tone. Lots of attention to detail. She has brown eyes, individual wired fingers and hand sculpted facial features. She is also busty with plenty of cleavage. :o)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Primitive Black Folk Art Doll~OOAK~SOLD

The works in progress mammy doll turned out to be a black folk art quilter doll. She turned out beautiful if I must say so myself. :o) I used a cotton lycra skin over the muslin fabric for her face which eliminated the center seam. Love the way she turned out.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blog Giveaway! 4 x 6 Encaustic Art

Guess it's about time I have a blog giveaway. This is how is goes......I have this doll which is a work in progress piece. She isn't wearing the outfit planned for her.... I just draped some lace to see how she was coming along. :o) The first person to guess who she is and post it in a comment, will receive this awesome 4 x 6 encaustic painting that I made. Encaustic art is made using colored wax and an iron. If you look closely, you can see images of castles in a distance. Brilliant colors in this fantasy art. :o) Good luck! Will annouce the winner as soon as the right guess comes along. Hint. This person is from the early 60's. :o)

OOAK Doll~Quilting Mammy Art Doll~Work in Progress

This is a doll I'm working on right now. She will be a Mammy doll holding the small quilt she made. Can't wait to see her done. She will be a terrific one of a kind. Lots of facial sculpting with lycra fabric overlay so there isn't any center seam on her face. Hope you'll check back and see how she turned out. :o)