Thursday, July 31, 2008

32" Good Witch Art Doll~OOAK~Pretty Gal~SOLD

Here we have Estelle.....the good, pretty witch. Who says all witches have to be ugly? Estelle is young and will get the ugly look later on in her life. :o) She measures 32 inches tall and made of muslin fabric. Lots of detail in this one of a kind doll. Estelle has now moved to Toronto Canada to live with her cousin Gertie. :o)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Black Widow Catrina~Primitive Cat Doll~OOAK~SOLD

Here we have Catrina, the black widow.....just loves spiders! She is made of muslin fabric, coffee stained and painted in a few places. :o) This little gal measures 28" tall. Catrina still lives in Maine.....Southern Maine that is.....hope she doesn't try to find her way back home! LOL :o)

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Wizard of Oz Dolls~SOLD

During the week of August 3rd, our ebay group of talented ladies will be having a Wizard of OZ group launch. Our group is called "Rags to Riches Dolls" R2RD. There will be lots of One of a Kind dolls for anyone to bid on. Hope you'll take a peek by typing in R2RD in your ebay search.
Here's a peek of the dolls I'll have up for auction.
We have the cowardly lion and the wicked witch. Both made of muslin fabric, coffee stained and painted facial features. One of a kind dolls!!! Lots and lots of detail. The Lion moved to California and the Wicked Witch has moved to be with many of her previous doll friends to NJ!

Primitive Witch Doll~Spell Book~OOAK~SOLD

Meet Gilda......she is made of muslin fabric, coffee stained and baked to give her a prim look. This little gal has knit gloves and stockings. All her clothing are removable. Gilda has her book of spells which she carries everywhere she goes. She measures 30 inches from tip of hat to bottom of boots. Gilda has now moved to PA....there, she will meet one of relatives Cherina and the twins! :o)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Primitive Witch Doll~Too sexy for her dress~Sold

Meet Agnus.....a 32 inch cloth witch doll. She was made of muslin fabric, coffee stained to give her a prim look. I painted her facial features with acrylic paints and shadowed with watercolor pencils. One of her eyes was painted to look like glass with gloss 3-D sealer. Her hang tag reads "I'm too sexy for this dress." LOL She can hang on the wall or sit in your favorite location. Agnus has now moved to Germany!
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Witch Iown~OOAK~Soft scupltured art doll~SOLD

Meet Iown! She measures 32 inches tall from tip of hat to bottom of boots and is ready for the Halloween dance, dressed in black with gold belt and purse. She even has a moon and stars necklace with earrings and purse shoulder strap to match. :o) This little gal is made of muslin fabric with painted bodice and facial features. She has now moved to NJ to be with her distant relatives Clemencia and Maria! :o)

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Primitive Witch with her twins~Cookie Cauldron~SOLD

Just completed a set of little witches. We have Cherina, the mom witch and her twins Buckie and Nookie. Nope....they aren't identical. :o) I named the momma witch Cherina because she reminded me of Cher!!!! LOL These three adorable little witches are made of muslin fabric, coffee stained just a bit and have soft sculptured facial features. The twins have their hands in the cookie cauldron!!!! This little trio has now moved to PA!
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Witch Doll and her Momma

Witches, witches and more witches! I just can't seem to stop making these lately....I am always so anxious to see the end results. These two gals are mother and daughter witches, Maria and Clemencia. They are moving to NJ tomorrow! I will miss them. :o(

Friday, July 11, 2008

Primitive Wicked Witch of the North~OOAK~SOLD

Completed my version of a wicked witch. She is made of muslin fabric and coffee stained. This gal's name is Giselle. She has soft sculptured facial features painted with acrylics and shadowed with watercolor pencils. I painted one of her eyes to look like a glass eye. She's so ugly, she's adorable! LOL Giselle has now moved out west to California! Will miss you Giselle! :o)
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Primitive Witch doll with twins!~OOAK~SOLD

I felt like making a little family of witches so here are Momma Freda and twins Freddie and Sadie. Nope....the twins are not identical. :o) All three were made of muslin fabric and coffee stained to give them a primitive look. They have soft sculptured facial features, painted with acrylics and shadowed with watercolor pencils. Freda has wired fingers and wrists with painted on spiderweb gloves and stockings. The little ones look a little grungy since they were out playing in the Moon Mud! LOL Lots of detail into this adorable set. They have now moved to IL to be with others that were sold previously. :o)
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ida May the Sexy Good Witch~Blonde~OOAK~SOLD

She's thinking....hmmmmmm....should I use the car to go to the Halloween Dance? Nah....price of gas is too expensive......I'll just take a quick ride on my little ole broom! She is made of muslin fabric and slightly coffee stained to give her a little tan. :o) Soft sculptured facial features with wired fingers and 3-D black nails. She can be hung on the wall or seated on a chair or mantle. Ida May has now moved to VA. :o)
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Witch Gertie~OOAK Witch Doll~SOLD

Just completed my little Gertie. She's a good witch and loves to go shopping! She's all decked out and ready to go out on the town! Made of muslin fabric, this little 32" gal has soft sculptured facial features, wired fingers and wrists. She was coffee stained with an even tone so that she doesn't look too primitive. Facial features were painted with acrylic paints and so were her gloves, stockings and bodice. Gertie can be displayed in seating position or hung on the wall. Gertie has now moved to Canada! I will miss her. :o(
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