Thursday, September 27, 2012

Izannah Walker Style Doll~OOAK~SOLD

”Ella Mae” an Izannah Walker inspired doll. The pattern I used was designed by Dixie Redmond. Just set this little gal on a chair of her own, shelf or along with your other favorite dolls and she will be a delight to all who see her. :o) Ella Mae is a one of a kind doll made of muslin fabric with hand sculpted paper clay head and shoulder plate. The head was covered with stockinet fabric, then painted in acrylics. She was washed down with a staining mixture to give her just the right patina and aged look. The face, arms, legs and boots were painted with acrylic paints. Ringlets were also painted to the sides of her face and back of head. Ella Mae has applied thumbs and applied coiled ears just like Izannah Walker did with her dolls. Ella Mae measures 16 inches tall. She wears a removable clothing of chemise, pantaloons, petticoat and dress. The dress is a pink floral cotton print on black background. Her pantaloons have some trimming at the bottom of the legs as well as the top of her chemise which is still visible with Ella Mae having her dress on. Lots of time and detail went into this Izannah Walker inspiration doll.

Mixed Media Painting Completed

Completed my mixed media painting of my daughter-in-law. Love the way it turned out. Will definitely have to paint some more portraits. :o)

Mammy Art Doll and her quilt~Sold

Art Doll Mammy Mary Ellen. She was made of muslin fabric and measures 32 inches tall. She was coffee stained to give her a primitive look. She has brown acrylic eyes with sculpted facial features.

Quilting Mammy Art Doll~Sold

Art doll Mammy Kate was made of muslin fabric and coffee stained to give her a primitive look. She measures 32 inches tall and has brown acrylic eyes. She wears coffee stained bandanna and apron to match. Her quilt was distressed to give it an aged look. Scissors and tape measure were also given the look of age.