Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Folk Art Angel Painting Mixed Media

Mixed Media Angel on 16 x 20 canvas. "Angel Of Love." I used a painting knife to add lots of texture to the background of the painting. Other materials used were acrylic paints, modeling paste on the dress and one of the hearts. Religious reading in the second heart and fabric for the third. The angel holds a small heart and has the word "Love" painted along the right side of the painting. This painting was painted all along the edges also and is ready for you to hang. Can now be purchased in my Etsy shop.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mixed Media Madamoisella Abstract Art Painting

Abstract art painted on a 16 x 20 stretched canvas. Media used were acrylic paints, pastels, drawn out face transfered with paper to canvas, black ink and watercolors. Ready for you to hang. Currently for sale in my Etsy Shop.
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Another Nothing New Old Cloth Doll~OOAK~SOLD

Her body was made using an old flannel sheet. The attached head and shoulder plate was made using cotton sheets. I stuffed the doll with cedar sawdust and coffee stained her a bit. Her neck, arms and legs are tied at the joints with macrame cord. She has several hand sewn stitched on patches on her arm and a few stitches on arms and legs. The hair was created using macrame cord and vintage buttons. She has pinched nose and painted eyes and mouth. These were sanded down a bit to give it some age. Her dress was made with an old cotton shirt. I sewed one of the top seams inside out as if it had been repaired by hand. I addes some old cotton eyelit trim to the bottom of her dress. It is held in a couple spots with rusty safety pins. She needed a patch on her dress so that was stitched on and held at the top with a rusty safety pin. Vintage buttons were added to the front of her dress. So....voila, my little Sadie is complete. She measures 21 inches tall. :o)Has now moved to CA. my auctions

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage OOAK Carved Wooden Doll~Nothing New Challenge Doll

Her name is Penny and is a one of a kind doll made of an old vintage wooden lamp. The head was hand carved, painted and some crackling done to her face. I added a couple of driftwood pieces for her arms. The rest of the items are all rusty, vintage items. Starting with the top, I made a pin cushion using stained fabric stuffed with cedar sawdust. This holds several rusty pins and safety pins. I added more rusty pins around the top of her hat along with a tape measure. She wears a rusty safety pin necklace, painted dress bodice and vintage buttons along the front of her skirt. She has a vintage button on one shoulder and a rusty hook on the other which holds a stream of vintage buttons and bobbins. In one hand, she holds a rusty pair of scissors that are super rusty!!! Several old spools of thread were added to the base, along with a hangtag and tiny dress that reads “1809.” Also included is the vintage doily that this doll sets on. So much to see on this vintage looking 16 inch doll.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Johnny Depp Goes Mad~Art Doll~OOAK Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter doll is completed. Took me a while to get him to look the way I wanted to, but well worth the time. He measures 25 inches tall and is made with fabric. No clays or glues used in this One of a Kind art doll. Lots more pictures of him to see in my Etsy store where he is available for purchase. Hope you'll have a chance to take a peek. :o)
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Friday, September 10, 2010

WIP guess who~art doll Character OOAK

This is the project I'm working on now. Made with muslin fabric. Has button joints for arms, elbows, legs and knees. Once dressed, I think he will look great! Can you guess who it'll be? :o)