Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage OOAK Carved Wooden Doll~Nothing New Challenge Doll

Her name is Penny and is a one of a kind doll made of an old vintage wooden lamp. The head was hand carved, painted and some crackling done to her face. I added a couple of driftwood pieces for her arms. The rest of the items are all rusty, vintage items. Starting with the top, I made a pin cushion using stained fabric stuffed with cedar sawdust. This holds several rusty pins and safety pins. I added more rusty pins around the top of her hat along with a tape measure. She wears a rusty safety pin necklace, painted dress bodice and vintage buttons along the front of her skirt. She has a vintage button on one shoulder and a rusty hook on the other which holds a stream of vintage buttons and bobbins. In one hand, she holds a rusty pair of scissors that are super rusty!!! Several old spools of thread were added to the base, along with a hangtag and tiny dress that reads “1809.” Also included is the vintage doily that this doll sets on. So much to see on this vintage looking 16 inch doll.

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