Monday, August 9, 2010

Clay and Cloth witch art doll~OOAK~SOLD

This is my latest witch art doll. Her face and shoulder plate is hand sculpted using paper clay. Gineeta has beautiful, acrylic brown eyes with warts on her cheek, nose and chin. She has long, individual wired fingers with 3-D black fingernails and facial features that were carefully sculptured. Her arms bend so that she can hold her blinking pumpkin lantern. She has now moved to California.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moon and Stars Folk Art Doll~OOAK~Sold

I am back! It's been some time since I've posted anything. The birth of my first grandchild was beautiful and so was my son's wedding in the Philippines. Now I am ready to sit at my sewing machine and make some one of a kind dolls. :o)

Here is Celeste. Celeste is a one of a kind moon and stars doll made of muslin fabric with hand sculpted paper clay head and shoulder plate. The face, arms, legs and boots were painted with acrylic paints. Stars were also painted to the top of her head and down sides of her face. Celeste has applied thumbs and measures 17 inches tall. She wears a removable clothing of lacy pantaloons, petticoat and dress. The dress is a brick red cotton print with tiny beige stars. It also has a false hem which is a contrast fabric to the dress. The same fabric as the false hem was used inside the sleeves and for her petticoat. The doll body was designed by Dixie Redmond.
Celeste has now moved to California.
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