Thursday, November 29, 2012

Primitive Hippy Art Doll~One of a Kind~SOLD

This doll is a signed and dated, original design.   She is a one of a kind doll and was handmade using best quality fabrics.  She was made of muslin fabric, coffee stained to give her an aged look and painted with acrylic paints.  She has long, individual wired fingers with fingernails...sculpted toes with toenails and facial features that were carefully sculptured.  Her right arm is bent so that she can do her peace sign. She could also sign “I love you” if you know American Sign Language. :o)   Her skirt was made with orange tie-dyed cotton fabric and placed as a hip hugger style so that you could still see her belly button.  She is also braless so you can see the nipples through her see through top.  :o)  Her hair looks like dreadlocks which was securely sewed to her head. I added a vintage peace symbol and a few other charms to her bracelet.  Her vest has fringes and a decorative waist tie to keep the vest in place.  I also added earrings to match.   This doll measures 28 inches tall.