Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Primitive Witch doll with twins!~OOAK~SOLD

I felt like making a little family of witches so here are Momma Freda and twins Freddie and Sadie. Nope....the twins are not identical. :o) All three were made of muslin fabric and coffee stained to give them a primitive look. They have soft sculptured facial features, painted with acrylics and shadowed with watercolor pencils. Freda has wired fingers and wrists with painted on spiderweb gloves and stockings. The little ones look a little grungy since they were out playing in the Moon Mud! LOL Lots of detail into this adorable set. They have now moved to IL to be with others that were sold previously. :o)
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craftswithcare said...

Hi Judy,

Your witch dollies are to die for:)!

I love your latest creation! Your work is awesome!


Judy said...

Thanks Mithua! Love creating these adorable ugly creatures. :o)


gin said...

your creations are awesome!Do you perhaps have an older sister that taught you the basics of interfacing and such?
I know your talent comes from the older generation.Your mom used to make dress patterns for her four girls using newspaper as her tissue.
You have a great imagination that shows up your finished artwork.

Judy said...

Thanks Gin! You're right.....mom did use newspaper to create patterns for our dresses! Love you lots sis!!!! Thanks for taking a peek at my little gals!