Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Izannah Walker Style Doll~Clay Head~SOLD

I had such a great time creating my first Izannah Walker style doll! I love the way she turned out. I will definitely be making more of these. We will be having a group launch with talented ladies from Rags to Riches group on April 27th. There will be lots of dolls and paintings from the past since our theme is "Days Gone By." Hope you'll get a chance to view these One of a Kind items. Simply type in R2RD in your ebay search.


craftswithcare said...

Judy, she is very sweet. I lover her dress and and also her hat! Did you use interfacing for the hat to make it stiff? I will be using it to make a bonnet for my current doll.

Wishing you many bids!


Judy said...

Thanks Mithua! Her hat does not have interfacing but holds up nicely. If it would have been a larger hat, I would have added interfacing, but since it is so small, it didn't need it. Can't wait to see your next doll! I know she will be another masterpiece!!! :o)