Saturday, December 13, 2008

Alabama Baby Repro Doll~Cloth over Clay~OOAK

Thanks to Deanna Hogan's (blueherondolls)cloth over clay tutorial, I was able to create this adorable one of a kind doll! She measures 18 inches tall and made of muslin fabric. The head is made of polymar clay and covered with a cotton knit fabric. Ears were applied and the head was gessoed and sanded a few times, then painted with acrylics. The hands have attached thumbs and were gessoed and painted. The legs were also done in the same way as the arms. They have painted on stockings and shoes. The painted areas were sealed with a matte sealer.

I made her outfit using vintage old fabric. The fabric colors were slightly faded in some areas which makes this doll look vintage. Perfect outfit for this little gal. Her pantaloons are trimmed in lace to match her dress, hat and pinafore. All clothing are removable. She is still for sale on

now for sale on etsy by clicking here


Plain-n-Simple! said...

I LOVE this doll!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome job!!!!!


Judy said...

Ahhh....thanks so much Jackie! Took me about a week to make her. Long process but loved the way she turned out myself. :o)


pywackit said...

Amazing work Judy. I am in awe. I have added you to my link list. Your work is fantastic.