Monday, April 6, 2009

Primtive witch and moon for all seasons~OOAK~SOLD

Completed my work in progress witch and moon. I made her so that she could be displayed all year long. 9 different outfits in all. This set was created and made with muslin fabric. The witch kneels on the earth and has the moon in her lap. :o) I made a wire armature so that it would keep its shape for years to come. Lots of sculpting and attention to detail. They have now moved to PA.
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maria said...

Hi Judy, what a supeb piece of Art, love the idea of changing her different outfits for all occasions, she has a sweet face and the moon has a lovely smile, trully a "Great Piece".

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Brilliant Judy, I had done this once with a witch, at the request of a customer!!!
LOVE Love Love her!!!!

Lily said...

Hi, I love your dolls. They are really cute. I joined as one of your followers. Please feel free to visit my blog sometime. I just started it so it's not very interesting yet.

Anonymous said...

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