Friday, June 12, 2009

Fantasy Morbid Parlor Witch Doll~OOAK art doll~SOLD

This witch bride and late hubby are handmade using only top-quality materials. This is a one of a kind, torso doll measuring 14 inches tall. She was attached to a flat, round base so that she won’t topple over. Faces are hand sculpted and painted with acrylics then sealed with an acrylic matt spray sealer to lock in colors. Hair is made of sheep’s wool and was felted securely to the heads. Various materials were used for Melusine's wedding gown. Handmade black cotton dress with maroon, satin lace-up front. The dress waist has a ruffled skirt with puffed upper sleeves. The gloves are black fishnet and her veil is black tulle with black satin train. They have now moved to VA.
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pixiesinthehouse said...

Amazing her evil look!

merelyadream said...

That is Awesome, Wow lots of detail and many hours I can see you put into the wonderful doll, very cool!

Connie said...

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