Monday, February 15, 2010

Izannah Walker style doll~OOAK~paper clay head~SOLD

My third Izannah Walker style doll. Bertha is a one of a kind doll made of muslin fabric with hand sculpted paper clay head and shoulder plate. The head was covered with stockinet fabric, then painted in acrylics. The face, arms, legs, socks and boots were painted with acrylic paints. Ringlets were also painted to the sides of her face and back of head. The colors were sealed with an acrylic sealer. Bertha has applied thumbs and applied coiled ears just like Izannah Walker did with her dolls. She measures 17 inches tall. She is a one of a kind doll and has moved to AR. :o)my auctions

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Denise said...

She is lovely and the cape is beautiful. Very nice work!