Saturday, January 22, 2011

American Girl Bitty Twins doll clothes bunting and pj's

Thought I'd give doll clothes a try. :o) These is a handmade set of sleepwear for Bitty Twins dolls or any 15" doll. This set is made of flannel and is light blue with duck pull toys and butterflies print. The bunting has velco snaps and comes with a separate bonnet. The pj's are made with the same fabric with solid blue cuffs on the sleeves and legs. The bottom has elastic waist and the top has velco snaps. This set has overcast seams which will not fray through many wash cycles. Simply click on Items for sale on Etsy if you're interested in purchasing. :o)

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18 Doll Clothes said...


Beautiful pictures. There are two types of 15 inch Bitty baby dolls and the Bitty twins. Bitty Babies come in a variety of ethnic appearances with molded hair. Thanks a lot...